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Go West: The Reckoning…

Big news today. Just registered for the first ever Waterford Viking Marathon which takes place in 3 weeks … 1 day … 9 hours … and some five minutes (I’m quite excited). It will be one of only a handful of marathons held in the east of Ireland and by all accounts is going to be entirely amazing. Also this guy will be there, the 35-marathon man. When you combine┬áperseverance, awesomeness and giant cojones, this is the kind of thing that happens; Alan Corcoran is taking on a challenge that most people would find impossible – running 35 marathons in 35 days -and just straight-up doing it anyway. You should definitely check out his website here.

So that’s my plan of action. Except before all that, there is one piece of unfinished business. You might remember that one week after the mountainous Madventure Marathon in April, I was running in a ‘West of Ireland’ series marathon in Portumna.

Ireland was a simpler place before Google Maps came along…

After about six miles, both my hamstrings blew out and I was forced to walk the last twenty-something miles to the finish-line. ┬áThat whole ordeal ended up taking nearly six and a half hours, which I’m told is probably the longest it has ever taken anyone to finish that course. Well, nearly two months have passed, and it’s time to go back west and have another crack at it. The Portumna Forest Marathon is coming up on June 16th and I’ll be there to get the ball rolling on the next stage of this campaign. At this stage, how it will go is anybody’s guess!

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