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Weekend in Limerick

I’m heading off to Limerick tomorrow evening on another marathon adventure. It’s going to be a packed weekend; I have to go down to Limerick on Friday evening to pick up my timing chip at the Great Limerick Run expo. Then it’s down to Kilfinane for the Ballyhoura Mountain Marathon at 9:00AM on Saturday morning and back to Limerick City for the Great Limerick Run on Sunday, hopefully with a couple of physio sessions in between. I’m seriously bricking it as I’ve never done consecutive marathons before and it’ll be the biggest challenge that I’ve faced so far.

On a side-note, if you’d like to write a guest blog-post or would like me to write one for you (It doesn’t have to be about running, I also have an encyclopedic knowledge of the Back to the Future movies, amongst other things), please let me know. I won’t have my laptop with me so I won’t be updating the blog until next week but I’m sure plenty of tweeting and “facebooking” (if that is indeed a verb) will be done! Thanks for reading; be sure to check back here next week for the full race reports!

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