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Shoot-Out for Reach Out!

If you hang around on Twitter or Facebook, you might see me post this link up quite often. That leads to the page I setup to raise money for Reach Out. is a website that faciliates donations to charities by creating fundraising pages, like the one I’ve setup for this marathon challenge. (Clicking on the little green buttons scattered throughout these posts also takes you directly to my fundraising page)

Recently however, I’ve also been trying to raise money in that magical weird world out there beyond the computer screen. Raising money without using the internet – surely impossible?

Luckily, my local Gaelic football club came to the rescue. To my friends reading from abroad, Gaelic football (also called GAA, Gah, or somtimes, Irish football) is sort of like a cross between soccer and rugby. It’s played on a large pitch with a round leather football that is like a soccer ball but heavier. At each end of the field is a goal that looks like an NFL goal post, except that under the crossbar is a net similar to a soccer net. Two teams try to score points by getting the ball into the net or over the crossbar. A ball that goes into the net is worth three points, while one that goes over the crossbar is worth one. That’s a fairly trite summation of my favourite sport but for those who haven’t seen it played before, this video should provide a pretty epic introduction.

Anyway, back to the fundraising! As I was saying, my local club Lannleire GFC came to my rescue last weekend. While I was away running in the Connemarathon on Sunday, Lannleire were playing local rivals St. Kevin’s GFC back in Louth. I owe a huge thanks to everybody involved as the gate receipts from that match were all donated to Reach Out Ireland. Also, last Saturday, the players in the youth development squad participated in a very successful fundraising penalty shootout!

Penalty-taking right out of the top drawer

Everybody took three shots, with those scoring all three progressing to the second round, where they fired off three more penalties. After about an hour, Donal Clare (pictured above) emerged the winner, scoring six out of six. More information and photos from the event (including a few of me trying to take a penalty and making a fool of myself) can be found here on Flickr and Facebook. And of course, we ended up raising €400 for Reach Out, bringing the total raised so far to €670, which is absolutely fantastic. Major thanks again to everyone that took part, it was a great day.

Also, the next marathon I’m running is the Madventure Marathon next Sunday. This event is my first trail run, it’s 100% off-road and involves hacking up and down the highest mountain in Co. Clare, on the west coast of Ireland. Fun times! What I’d really like to hear though, is ideas that you guys might have for more offline fundraising events. I’m being absolutely serious, I only have maybe two or three other ideas! Maybe you shaved your head, jumped out of a plane or had a worm-charming event (yes, apparently that is actually a thing). Whatever it is, I’d love to hear your suggestions.

For more information on the work done by Reach Out, check out and

Also, don’t forget that following ‘Running for Reachout’ on Facebook and Twitter is guaranteed to instantly make you 32% cooler.

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