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Bohermeen and Taming the Carb Craving Monster

I’ve been ridiculously bad at updating this blog lately. The dearth of posts over the last month has mainly been down to lack of free time to sit down and write; I’ve been working hard at training and on lots of new developments in the magical realm of online social media – ‘Running for ReachOut’ now has a facebook page, a twitter page and, as of this morning, a flickr profile (still figuring out how to use that one…). Also, there are a bunch of cool fundraising events taking place over the next couple of weeks and I’ll be sending out more information on them through the facebook page very soon, as well as getting this blog up to speed!

More importantly, the first race finally happened! Specifically, it happened in Bohermeen at the Meath Spring Half-Marathon last Sunday. It wasn’t without its mini-dramas though. My jogging headphones decided to stop working that morning, leaving me in a slight dilemma since I never run without music. Ever. The only alternatives I had available to me were a huge set of circumaural headphones that would fall apart from the sweat, not to mention they would probably look more than a little silly.

Something like that.

Let the panicking begin. The race was starting at midday out in Meath; was it too much to ask to find an open music store at 10am on a Sunday?

I couldn’t find anywhere in Drogheda that was open, Scotch Hall let me down badly! Added to that, I was delayed for ages on the Slane Road, large tracts of which were closed off for reconstruction over the weekend. I was almost resolved to doing the unthinkable (running 13 miles without the choons!) but then in stepped Patricia from the Tesco in the Navan Shopping Centre at the last minute with a grand wee pair of wrap around ear buds for a handy €9.99, instantly cementing my affection for all things Navan-related.


Almost all things.

It was a gorgeous day for the most part. The course took in two laps of a 6.55 mile block, starting on the Newline and running left hand through Ongenstown towards the Navan Athboy road,cleft on the Boyerstown road and back to the Bohermeen Community Centre, with a couple of crossings over the dual-carriageway and some tough hills in between. I’d gotten a bit of slagging for showing up in a beanie-hat and long-sleeved jersey, but barely an hour in, it started to bucket down hailstones. Ollie:1, Nature:0! My ankles were a bit sore after the end of the first lap and legs were really heavy by the two-hour mark. By the end, the sweat was bucketing out from under my beanie-hat and I was thinking of nothing only the goodie-bag waiting in the car with the crisps and the strawberry protein shake. The goodie-bag also contained a free pen from Chris Curtis Kitchens & Wardrobes – a superb consolation prize if ever there was one.

I wasn’t too sore afterwards but I had crazy carb-cravings for days afterwards. Within about half an hour of finishing, I’d torn through a protein shake, a sportsfuel bar, several tubs of fruit smoothies and soup, a couple of bread rolls and some biscuits. And so it went on for days. For the last four days, I’ve eaten and slept roughly twice as much as normal, and I’m just beginning to feel like my old self now! Given the amount of runs in the near future, my only goals were to avoid injury and to finish the event without taking any walking breaks, which except for two brief water-stops, I managed. The next three races are scheduled for Galway next Saturday (March 10th), Connemara (April 1st) and the Clare Madventure Marathon on April 15th (26 odd miles of running on the open hillsides of Ballycuggran … job!) One thing’s for sure, I’ll never be short of a few spare t-shirts this year. Final finishing time: 2hours, 9 minutes, 34 seconds. Roll on Saturday!

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